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I am thrilled to announce the launch of our ambitious "Students at the Center for a Better World" comprehensive campaign, a pivotal initiative that embodies our institution's steadfast commitment to nurturing students, grounded in Lasallian principles, who will go on to positively shape the world. Our Mission remains at the forefront, echoing the core values that guide us in meeting students where they are and propelling them forward to live out their true calling.

This campaign is a testament to our unwavering dedication to providing an exceptional educational experience that empowers our students to become change-makers and leaders of tomorrow. The funds raised through this campaign will be allocated strategically across three key pillars: spaces and places, endowment, and scholarship and programs that align with the university’s strategic plan. Capital projects will enhance our campus core, ensuring a conducive environment for learning and growth. The endowment will fortify our financial sustainability, enabling us to maintain the highest standards of education and support. The general use fund will be instrumental in fostering innovation, addressing immediate needs, and creating opportunities for our students to engage in transformative experiences.

Your support will play a pivotal role in realizing our vision of a university that not only educates but inspires, with students truly at the center of a better world.

Together, we can propel our students toward a future where they can live out their calling and make a lasting impact on society.

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$40,095,420 raised towards goal of $50M


Since the inception of Lasallian schools, our Mission has remained steadfast: to provide a human and Christian education to the students we serve. At the center of fulfilling our Mission lies the crucial role of philanthropy.

Our campaign's aim? Keeping students firmly at the center of everything

we do. Guided by our Catholic and Lasallian roots, we offer diverse

programs to nurture both minds and souls, blending knowledge with a

search for truth. Our commitment extends beyond academics - our

mission is to strive for the holistic development of every individual,

promoting wisdom, justice, and a strong sense of community through


When YOU support Lewis, YOU uphold this timeless Mission.


The Lewis University Comprehensive Campaign supports our strategic

priorities by engaging alumni and funding three broad areas that directly impact students—

spaces and places, the endowment, scholarships and programs and St. Augustine.





Gifts of ALL sizes are needed to make our campaign a success. You can direct your gift to any area of the University where you want to make an impact. Every donor and every dollar contribute to our goal of creating

a better world.

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Our hope is to engage 10,000 alumni as they help us prepare today’s Lewis students to build a better world. Learn more about ways YOU can support the next generation of Flyers.

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10,000 Engaged Alumni


Your partnership in this landmark campaign will contribute

to advancing strategic priorities that place students at the center—for a better world.

One-time gifts - check, cash, or credit card

Pledges - a three-year to five-year commitment with initial payment

Payroll deduction - only for faculty and staff; complete form ONLINE.

Gifts-in-kind - a credit for the fair market value of a gift, to align with a University need

Blended gifts - any combination of the above

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with you




One University Parkway -

University Advancement

Romeoville, IL 60446-2200

Telephone: (815) 836-5475

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