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Ed and Jody


"Lewis is growing and investing in its students. Jody and I have the ability to invest in the future. There is no better investment than in education and young individuals. We consider ourselves lucky - lucky to be a part of Lewis," shared Ed, highlighting the significance of their gift.

Ed Sanchez, a current board member of Lewis University, and his wife, Jody, are lead donors of Lewis University’s comprehensive campaign: Students at the Center for a Better World. The campaign is raising $50 million to support strategic priorities. Their gift is a testament to their belief in the strategic direction set by university leadership, allocating funds unrestrictedly to benefit a wide array of programs.


Kate Walsh ‘84 ‘88

The narrative of Kate Walsh ’84 ’88 is a tale of inspiration—an unconventional academic journey culminating in her distinction as a distinguished alumna in Business Administration. Her participation in our Mission will be transformative to other Flyers. Kate’s connection with Lewis was forged not only through academic pursuits but also through a profound desire for a close-knit community where values take center stage.

“I knew Lewis would provide me with a number of opportunities and I would be around individuals who had like-minded values,” explained Kate on why she chose Lewis as the institution to receive an education. Kate now is providing other Flyers with valuable opportunities. READ THE FULL STORY.

Donna Martin ‘06

Donna Martin’s, DNP, RN ’06 story transcends the boundaries of a conventional career, transforming into a legacy of care and education that shapes the lives of her students.

Donna's journey began with a passion for science and a genuine desire to care for others. She received a two-year nursing degree and worked her way up. After, 16 years at Elmhurst Memorial Hospital and recognizing the importance of furthering her education, she enrolled in Lewis University to pursue her Master's degree in nursing. Little did she know that this decision would not only lay the foundation for her success but also spark a lifelong commitment to educating the next generation of nurses and nurse educators – tomorrow’s healthcare heroes. READ THE FULL STORY.


Hear why our trustees support Lewis University students, programs, and initiatives.

“Giving to scholarships is a privilege. College is expensive and so necessary, we have to help those without means.”

“Lewis University changed my life in ways I cannot fully explain. Giving back ensures another student like me will have the opportunity to experience the things I did and hopefully be in a position to continue this cycle in perpetuity!”

“Legacy, the Lewis Legacy is important. To serve, educate and motivate is at its core, and that's why I'll always find a way to give MORE!”

“Lewis gave me a scholarship so I could pursue a college education. My father died when I was a Freshman at Lewis. The brothers reached out to me as mentors and provided guidance that led me to an advanced degree (PhD). I was able to live a great life because of Lewis and I want to give back in thanks.”

“Because I want to give to adults so that they can complete their education. Our adult students. inspire me, because they overcome internal and external barriers to complete their degrees.”

“I give to ensure the good work of the university carries on. I believe in the mission and every donation is a show of support. By investing in something you have a vested interest in it ensures its success and motivates you to do non-monetary support.”

“I give because it's the best investment in the future I can make. Giving, a person the

opportunity to get a good education will impact our community.”

“To help make a Lewis education and the Lewis experience more accessible

to students who could use it the most. If my money can positively affect students

and their future then I will sleep better at night knowing I've made a difference.”

“The Mission Fund - to enable first-generation students to go to school. Lewis’ tuition benefits enabled me to get the education I probably would not have been able to get otherwise.”

“We give because we have so much. The specific area we give to, Study Abroad, is because it transformed my life. I want students whose economic circumstances would make study abroad impossible, to be able to travel.”

“Equity- access to education.

Support/Sustain the mission - specifically Justice and Association.

Support initiatives that enhance the students' Educational experience and increase resources to accomplish these initiatives.”

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