Empower the next generation through support of our strategic priorities to the Mission Fund, annual scholarships, the area of greatest need and academic programs.


Designate YOUR gift to an area you’d like to impact:

Athletics: NCAA Division II teams, Intramural and Club Sports to champion

Clubs and Orgs: +100 organizations to

choose from

Mission and Identity: promoting our Lasallian identity

Mental Health and Counseling: provide resources for students facing mental health crisis

Prison Education Program: flexible degree program that gives incarcerated adults a chance to earn a bachelor's degree in Professional Studies

Theatre: serves the community with a diverse experience of cultural events while providing invaluable experience to students

Albuquerque Campus: known as the Land of Enchantment, offers 3 undergraduate programs and two graduate programs

Veterans Affairs: a community that’s dedicated to making the transition to civilian life and higher education the best for active duty members and veterans

St. Augustine College: will provide expanded bilingual educational experience to meet students where they are and provide them with a pathway to expanded opportunities

Gros Institute for Peace and Justice: celebrates our Lasallian heritage by bringing together ecumenical, interfaith, and secular collaborators to advance action toward social justice

YOUR support of our strategic priorities directly empowers the students we serve and programs by providing them with essential resources to pursue their callings and contribute to a better world.


The Lewis University Mission Fund provides critical assistance to students experiencing unprecedented financial hardships.

The Mission Fund was created in early 2009. It was a generous response by the Lewis Community to our country’s economic challenges at that time, which remain for many people today. Since its inception, hundreds of students who were facing potential withdrawal from the University due to severe financial hardship have been able to continue their pursuit of a degree through support from the Mission Fund.

Mission Fund Impacts Lives

“My lifelong dream of attending flight school is moving forward thanks to generous educational financial assistance like yours. Your financial support has opened a door and the prospect of a brighter future and will play a key role in shaping me into a successful person and pilot.”

- Jackson, Junior - Aviation

Flight Technology


Establishing and contributing to annual scholarships is a powerful way to invest in our Flyers. By providing financial support to deserving students, annual scholarships create opportunities for education that otherwise may be out of reach. These scholarships alleviate the financial burden students and their families face but also serve as a catalyst for personal and academic growth at Lewis University.

Giving to annual scholarships fosters transformational education, empowers tomorrow’s leaders, and contributes to building a better world.


Our students are fueled by a profound eagerness to delve into their passions and follow their callings!

Ongoing support for our Annual Fund, the area of greatest need, plays a crucial role in providing essential support to the areas of our campus and student body that require it most. This critical assistance allows every Flyer - both today and in the future - to embark on their own Lewis experience.

From the initial step onto campus to the triumphant walk across the graduation stage, they stand ready to pursue their callings and contribute to the creation of

a better world in the communities they choose to serve.


The first students at Lewis studied aviation, but these days, Lewis is leading in more than just the sky. From accounting to women’s studies, we offer more than 80 majors and minors in numerous areas of study. You’ll graduate from Lewis equipped with the knowledge and skills to succeed in the career of your choice.

Graduate programs at Lewis University can take you and your career further. With advanced degrees, professional certificates and micro-credentials offered online or in blended and in-person evening formats, you'll gain the skills you need to achieve your professional goals.

Lewis University is dedicated to meeting students where they are and propelling them to new heights.


In the Flyer Success Network, all traditional undergraduate students integrate into a comprehensive support system. This collaborative effort between Success Coaches and Faculty Mentors ensures that students receive personalized guidance throughout their college journey. Working in tandem, Success Coaches and faculty mentors play a pivotal role in providing the essential support needed for students to thrive - starting from their initial moments on campus until they confidently walk across the graduation stage.

This integrated approach reflects our commitment to the Lewis experience and meeting students where they are.

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Designate your gift to the

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